Volunteer Programme for the Forest Conservation in Malang, East Java - Indonesia

PROFAUNA Indonesia offers a volunteer programme for those who love natural adventures while carrying out forest  conservation activities. This programme is located in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. The location is about 80 km from Surabaya City.

Malang is known for its many beautiful beaches and mountain. Many of the beaches are popular tourist destinations such as Sendangbiru, Sendiki, Balekambang, Goa Cina, Teluk Asmara, Bajul Mati, Tamban and many others.  Malang is also surrounded by beautiful mountains, such as Mount Arjuna, Mount Kawi and Mount Semeru (the highest volcano on the island of Java). One of PROFAUNA Indonesia's offices is located at the foothills of the famous Kawi Mountain.

The PROFAUNA field office programme in Malang focuses on the protection of forest with forest ranger, social forestry, re-forestation, bird monitoring and conservation education for local communities. Volunteers will be involved in various activities located on the beaches in Southern Malang and the mountainous areas in the north. In Northern Malang, volunteers will work with forest farmers in managing the forests and will have an extraordinary experience working in the rain forests with large trees

Information about forest rehabilitation in mountain: Forest Rehabilitation


  • Minimum age of 18 years.
  • Ready to volunteer in the field and preferably having adventurous personality.
  • Join a minimum of 2 week duration, with a day off every week.
  • Pay a volunteer fee of 500 USD (for 2 weeks).


  • Basic lodging in the PROFAUNA field office (please note, this is not a hotel, all facilities are in basic conditions for field offices).
  • 3 time meals per day.
  • Transportation from the airport/ bus terminal/ train station in Malang to the base camp.
  • Local transportation during the forest patrol 
  • PROFAUNA T-shirt.


  • Forest patrol  with PROFAUNA Rangers.
  • Rain forest monitoring
  • Bird Monitoring in the  forests. Note: There are at least 100 species of birds recorded in this region.
  • Conservation education for local communities.
  • Forest rehabilitation


Please note, a volunteer programme is not just a tourism program, it has field activities to assist PROFAUNA's works. To perform the field activities, you must bring your own equipment as follows:

  • A sleeping bag
  • Trekking shoues
  • Outdoor flashlight
  • Rain coat

Aplication form of PROFAUNA Indonesia volunteering can be downloaded here: 


If you are adventerous or love forests and wildlife, this is a perfect choice for you!

For further information, please contact volunteer@profauna.net Copy Carbon (CC) info@profauna.net and butet.sitohang@gmail.com

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