Six Proboscis Monkey Killers Identified

The whereabouts of six alleged killers of a Proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus) who uploaded their photo on a Facebook profile named Adam Usu Fairus on June 2016 have finally been identified. The gruesome photo went viral on the internet after PROFAUNA also spread the words and ask for anyone to come forward if they have any info about those person.

According to the Head of West Kalimantan Nature Conservation Agency, Sustyo Iriyono, all suspects are originated from Semantir, Mekar Sekuntum village, Galing district, Sambas, West Kalimantan. However, they are currently working for a timber company in East Kalimantan.

The killing took place near their workplace, and currently the agency is investigating the case involving a protected wildlife species.

"Our team is also on it," said the Head of East Kalimantan Nature Conservation Agency, Sunandar Trigunajasa, to PROFAUNA.

Meanwhile, Bayu Sandi, the coordinator of PROFAUNA Borneo added, "Acts of killing or abuse of wildlife uploaded on social media must be taken seriously and given fair penalty to pose a deterrent effect to the offenders. This also would prevent other people from doing the same thing."

Internet Rage

This case has been causing massive public rage from all over the country, and even worse when PROFAUNA announce the manhunt on PROFAUNA's Facebook fanpage on 9 June 2016. In a few minutes we received  hundreds of responses , mostly expressing contempt. Below are some of them

Mosthamis Thalib: Animal killers and busers like them, especially when it comes to protected species. They deserve deaath sentence like those rapists and drugdealers!

Made Putra: So sad, the Proboscis monkey and other wild animals are very attractive for tourists. To prevent poaching and save the environment, I'd like to ask all of you guys to stop this kind of cruelty. We can make local laws, and apply it in our own neighborhoods. If not us, then who would take care of this earth?

Rista Uli Mariani Purba: I'm begging everyone, please help the mokey. Don't torture it, we should be protecting it God's creatures. You are heartless!

Andry Tungau: I'm glad that the authorities are working on this. These guys deserve heavy penalties because they have tarnished the Earth.

Andre Purnadi So what if they got arrested? They'd be put in the death row, pay some fines, or rot in prison for 25 years each. I think the best option is we hire some hitmen to finish them off just like they took the life of an innocent animal. Then dump their bodies somewhere, and let their death be a mystery.

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