Risa, DVM. Arrested for Trading Wildlife

BANYUWANGI - The extended investigation of Risa Insa F., DVM on her online wildlife trade case has come to a new phase. Sources reported that the case has undergone the legal proceeding and the suspect has been taken into custody.

The Head of Section 3 of East Java Nature Conservation Agency, Sumpena, through a phone interview confirmed that investigators are working on this case, including doing a search at Risa's residence at Perumahan Mahogani Cluster, Genteng, Banyuwangi, East Java.

Public disclosure of Risa's identity has ended the ongoing speculation surrounding the case as since her first arrest on 5 February 2016 by East Java nature Conservation Agency and Banyuwangi Police, she had been absent on every call. The police even included her in the wanted list, although now the legal process has progressed. However, Sumpena did not give any details on where Risa is being held.

"Yes, she has been taken into custody, I'll talk more about this later," said Sumpena.

Just a reminder, Risa, DVM was arrested on 5 February 2016 for trading illegal wild animals, mostly in social media. Officials found a number of animals in her residence including 11 peafowls, 7 phyton snakes, and 9 monitor lizards.

The seizure was a follow up of the Nature Conservation Agency's intensive investigation on wildlife trade practice in social media, which resulted in a name and address of a trader from Banyuwangi. The agency then partnered with the police in handling the case.

Source:  http://radarbanyuwangi.jawapos.com/

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