PROFAUNA’s Ternate Chapter Promoted into North Maluku Representatives

PROFAUNA's Ternate chapter has been promoted into North Maluku Representatives, from 1 November 2014 on. This status change is based on the good performance of the Ternate chapter, under the coordination of Eka Ka'aba since 2013. Ternate chapter has been actively doing campaigns, educations, and advocacy on the conservation of parrots.

The founder of Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA), Rosek Nursahid, said "We are very glad and proud of the achievement of PROFAUNA's Ternate chapter. What is fascinating is that most of their program is funded voluntarily by our kind supporters."

Eka Ka'aba, the coordinator of PROFAUNA's North Maluku chapter, added "Thank God, we are trusted to manage PROFAUNA's programs in North Maluku. This is impossible without the lasting support of PROFAUNA's supporters."

Another supporter of PROFAUNA, Amin, who is also a lecturer, stated "Basically, we are ready to support all the programs of PROFAUNA in North Maluku."

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