ProFauna’s Ranger Patrol, 27 April 2014: We Blocked Squirrel and Bird Hunting!

ProFauna's Ranger and the Community Guard of Kucur village, Dau district, Malang regency, held a patrol to forestall  illegal wildlife hunting on the slopes of Kawi mountains last Sunday (27/4/2014). Hunting in Kucur village is prohibited, according to a village regulation, in order to protect the wildlife around the village which is adjoined by forests.

The patrol team consisting of 12 people encountered a group of hunters by the border of a pine forest not far from the village. They carried rifles, that they were going to use for shooting squirrels and birds. They claimed that they do this as a hobby and sport, not for consumption.

ProFauna's Ranger and the Community Guard of Kucur village also informed and educated the hunters that wildlife hunting is prohibited in the village. After receiving the explanation, the hunters left the forest after promising that they will stop hunting any wildlife around Kucur village and the surrounding forest. 

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