PROFAUNA’s Activist in Monkey Costume Introduces Indonesian Primates

MALANGVOICE - Students of SDN Karangbesuki 1 (elementary school), Malang, east Java cheered and yelled excitedly when PROFAUNA's activists came to their class. One of the volunteers wore a monkey costume and interact with the children.

Today, PROFAUNA's activists in Malang visit the school to share knowledge with 106 students from 3rd to 5th grade. The school's principal, Musleh, S.Pd, is glad his students could have the opportunity to learn about Indonesian primates. He wishes that in the future his students could take part in the conservation effort of Indonesian wildlife.

"We receive a lot of visits like this, and the teachers often bring up the topics in science class," said Musleh.

PROFAUNA's campaign officer, Swasti Prawidya, added that PROFAUNA's activists who joined the visit explained to the students about Indonesian primates, especially the species found in Java, and how everybody could help in protecting them.


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