PROFAUNA’s activist and Nature Clubs in West Sumatra Sharpen Up on Nature Protection Skills

Sunday, 5 July 2015 PROFAUNA's Bukittinggi Chapter and Andalas Wildlife Education Center (AWEC) held a second training for the candidates of AWEC's Ranger from batch 1. The training was attended by young people from different areas in West Sumatra like Padang, Pesisir Selatan, Padang Panjang, Batu Sangkar, and Bukittinggi.

Also attended the occasion was Nurlaila Sitepu, M.Si , a senior supporter of PROFAUNA from Padang who joined PROFAUNA late in the 2000s. She made time between her busy schedule of teaching at STKIP Abdi Pendidikan Payakumbuh and Universitas Islam Riau. 

Additional spirit-booster came from Aminudin and Ucok, nature conservation activists from Jambi and Pekanbaru who were also ready to join PROFAUNA as supporters. This event was also supported by Himalaya nature club who said that they would like to collaborate with AWEC in protecting the nature of West Sumatra.

The zestful young people was given the basic knowledge on nature conservation, leadership, and laws related to nature conservation. This session will be followed by further training on 9 August 2015.

AWEC's Ranger is a special unit formed by PROFAUNA's supporters in Bukittinggi Chapter to accommodate public participation in conserving the nature of West Sumatra. Yonis Afandi, the coordinator of Bukittinggi Chapter, said "It was inspired by PROFAUNA's Ranger in Java and Borneo. We also want to do some direct action in preventing illegal poaching in our place. That was how we began."

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