PROFAUNA Promotes Sea Turtle Conservation in Berau

Despite have only been established for a few weeks, Protection of Forest and Fauna (PROFAUNA) Borneo, already shows serious efforts in conserving nature. In the earliest weeks of the program, our activists visited schools in Berau regency, to talk promote the protection of the sea turtles.

Why sea turtles? Berau, East Borneo, is known as one of the largest habitat of many sea turtle species in the world. That is why education is essential here, and PROFAUNA Borneo did it by playing some conservation movies, having interactive presentation & discussion, and also engaging the audience with exciting games.

One of the schools visited was MAN (Islamic senior high school) 1 Berau. On 3 October 2014, more than 40 students attended the educational visit, and had a lively discussion related to sea turtles, its threats, and conservation.

PROFAUNA's visits to schools in Berau was highly endorsed by the Education Agency of Berau Regency. They appreciate and support this program for having broadening the students' knowledge on sea tutles and conservation. In the coming days, PROFAUNA will keep on doing education visits to schools and local communities.


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