PROFAUNA Program in Bali: Together with Local Communities to Conserve Water Springs and Forests

PROFAUNA Bali together with the local community group Kayoman Pedawa, synergize to run a spring and forest conservation program in Pedawa Village, Banjar District, Buleleng Regency, Bali. The collaboration, which has been carried out since early 2023, includes tree planting activities, education, the development of environmentally friendly natural tourism and the protection of wild birds.

The Kayoman Pedawa group, which was established in 2016, is active in planting trees around water springs in their village. The types of trees planted include banyan family (Ficus spp), bamboo and avocado. In addition to planting trees, the forest care is also routinely carried out on the trees that have been planted.

Profauna Bali

"We are happy that PROFAUNA has finally assisted us in preserving the springs and forests in our village. The assistance of PROFAUNA makes us more enthusiastic to carry out the activities," said Putu Yuli Supriyandana, head of Kayoman Pedawa group.

Together with PROFAUNA, Kayoman Pedawa group has so far mapped more than 40 water springs in Pedawa Village. The existence of this water springs for the traditional Pedawa people is very important because it is also related to their traditional and religious ceremonies.

"The traditional ceremony in Pedawa Village requires water taken from different spring sources, so the preservation of the springs is an important priority for us," explained Putu Yuli Supriyandana.

The presence of PROFAUNA in Bali is not the first time, because from 2002 to 2012 PROFAUNA also had offices and programs related to turtle conservation in Bali. During the 10 years, PROFAUNA conducted a turtle protection campaign and assisted traditional groups in Kuta Beach to save sea turtles that landed on the beach of the tourist destination.

Profauna Bali

"After 11 years since the closure of PROFAUNA's office in Bali in 2012, now in 2023 PROFAUNA will open a conservation program in Bali. Now we focus on conserving springs, forests and wildlife together with local communities," said Rosek Nursahid, founder of PROFAUNA Indonesia.

As for the issue of turtle conservation, it is currently handled by the Indonesian Turtle Foundation (locally abbreviated as YPI) which head office is also in Bali. PROFAUNA Indonesia also supports the turtle conservation campaign conducted by YPI.

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