Petungsewu Adventure

Petungsewu Adventure is an eco-friendly outbound and adventure activity operator. The convenience and safety of our customers become our priority. Located at the same place with Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) by the foot of Kawi Mountains, Petungsewu Adventure is an ideal place for internal meetings or outings. With a maximum capacity of 200 people, Petungsewu Adventure is the right place for you who seek for an enjoyable place that is not costly.

Having annual meeting or educational activities with at Petungsewu Adventure have many benefits because the place is natural and far from the crowds. Surrounded by orange plantation and vegetable farms will surely make visitors concentrate well and reach more productive outcomes.

 Not only provide convenience and security, Petungsewu Adventure also engages the public to take care of the environment. By having activities at Petungsewu Adventure, you have contributed to the nature conservation programs in Indonesia.

Petungsewu Adventure

Petungsewu village, Dau district, Malang regency, East Java, Indonesia



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