Mt. Kelud Erupts, ProFauna Send Animal Rescue Team

Mt. Kelud in East Java erupted Thursday night around 10 p.m. (13/Feb/2014). On the previous days, people from surrounding villages noticed several wild animals like macaques and deer descending the mountain. They believe that the descending wild animals is a sign that the mountain is going to erupt very soon.

In the morning right after the mountain erupted, ProFauna's team headed to the location to rescue the animals. Not only wild animals, but cattle and pets also suffer from the impacts of the volcanic eruption like what happened in Mt. Merapi , Yogyakarta, a few years ago.

ProFauna's team is currently still on the disaster location to finish the assessment, to decide if we really have to rescue the animals. If we have to, then we will need many volunteers and donation. Follow the updates of Mt. Kelud in ProFauna's website.

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