Marking Its 20-years Journey, PROFAUNA Launches New Logo and Programs

logo baru PROFAUNAPROFAUNA Indonesia, established in 1994, has now become the largest grassroots organization working for the protection of forest and wildlife in Indonesia. Endorsed by thousands of its supporters, PROFAUNA has taken vital role in numerous issues related to forest and wildlife of Indonesia, one of the mega-biodiversity countries.

Marking its 20 years of existence, on 1 June 2014 PROFAUNA launched its new logo and programs. Now PROFAUNA's name is not simply a name, but now it stands for "Protection of Forest and Fauna". The old black Langur logo that has been used for 20 years is replaced by a brand new logo staring primate and forest.

The launching of "New PROFAUNA" held in Petungsewu Adventure, Petungsewu village, Dau district, Malang regency was attended by more than 100 of PROFAUNA's activists and partners. After disclosing the new logo and name Rosek Nursahid, PROFAUNA's founder and chairman, gave a brief explanation.

 "PROFAUNA's new logo emphasizes our mounting spirit, not just to protect Indonesian wildlife but also to preserve the ever-shrinking forest," describe Rosek. "Without a sustainable forest, it gets even more difficult for wildlife to survive."

On the launching, PROFAUNA also introduces its new major programs which will be focused on six issues namely: Combating wildlife crime, Protecting forest, Against wildlife abuse, Ranger, Support local community, and Grassroots movement.

Rosek claimed that PROFAUNA's new logo and name will not change PROFAUNA's current policy that have been applied for 20 years. They will keep working on protecting Indonesian wildlife, but they will increase their portion of working for forest conservation.

Supporter PROFAUNA dengan logo baruRosek, who found PROFAUNA in 1994 together with Made Astuti, added "PROFAUNA is going to encourage public participation in forest and wildlife protection efforts because without people's partaking, our wish to conserve forest and wildlife will be no more that a pipe dreams."

Six main issues adopted by PROFAUNA are manifestations of PROFAUNA's strategic plan composed by several activists and advisory board members of PROFAUNA last March. Dr. Herlina Agustin, one of PROFAUNA's advisory board members said "We strongly agree that PROFAUNA works on forest protection and wildlife abuse issues because these two have become a serious problem in our country."

Daniel Stephanus, another member of PROFAUNA's advisory board members stated, "Forest and wildlife is a unity, so it is very decent for PROFAUNA to be more concerned of those two issues."

Meanwhile, Rustam, who is also a wildlife researcher, said "wildlife poaching goes unanimously with forest degradation. Destroyed forest makes it easier for poachers to find their desired preys."

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