Local People Take on Forest Rehabilitation Initiative in Mt. Butak, East Java

A group of farmers from Perinci village, Gading Kulon, Dau, Malang regency started their own forest rehabilitation program in collaboration with PROFAUNA Indonesia, Perhutani (State-owned forestry company), and Forest Village Community Organization. The program commmenced with installment of information boards and Santol tree planting (Sandoricum koetjape) on Tuesday (8/9/2020).

Previously, 15 hectares of the protection forest area which lies in Perhutani's allotment 212 were sleared by farmers to grow vegetables. This action could potentily lead to landslides and loss of the forest's function to preserve water resource.

Concerned about the forest condition, PROFAUNA and Perhutani approached the farmers working on the land. After several meetings, the farmers willingly agreed to rehabilitate the forest in order to restore its functions.

rehabilitasi hutan lindung

"Forest rehabilitation will be carried out through tree planting, particularly fruit trees, so tgat farmers could benefit from the harvest without cutting down the trees. Gradually, the current vegetable farms will be fully replaced by fruit trees," said Hadi Mustofa from Perhutani Malang.

In addition to fruit trees with economic value, buffer trees will be planted bordering the land to reinforce their protection function. This includes Ficus trees and other trees that could provide food for wildlife.

"Most of the time, when farmers clear lands around a forest, conflict with wildlife becomes inevitable. To mitigate this, we are going to grow fruit trees that are favoured by aninals such ad guava trees, ficus trees, and others," added Rosek Nursahid, chairman of PROFAUNA Indonesia.

Forest rehabilitation using fruit trees is a win-win solution both for the farmers and the ecosystem, which balances the forest's ecological role and its economic value.

"The tree planting is just the beginning, and we will continue with monitoring and assistance for the farmers," Rosek continued.

Rianto Madrim, the farmers' representative, said "We are very satisfied with this program to protect the forest, because it is vital for our community's water supply."

lutung jawa

PROFAUNA has listed various wildlife species inhabiting the allotment including the Javan Langur, Long-tailed Macaque, porcupine, and mousedeer. Among the bird species recorded in the area are the Crested Serpent Eagle, Black Eagle, Black-banded Barbet, Blue Whistling Thrush, and Mee's White-eyes.

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