Global Jaya Elementary Students Held Fundraising Event for PROFAUNA

Awareness towards forest and wildlife conservation comes from people of all ages. Students of the 5th grade of Global Jaya School, Jakarta, just held a fundraising event for PROFAUNA Indonesia.

The fundraising began in December 2015 when PROFAUNA's activists visited their school for an educational program. Following the program, the 5th graders told us that they wanted to help PROFAUNA by organizing an event where they plan to sell merchandises and later give the profit to PROFAUNA.

Their social project went successfully and they collected IDR 2,737,000 which they have delivered to the representatives of PROFAUNA Jakarta, Kinanti Wicaksono, on Thursday 25 February 2016.

"We should not count this merely based on the amount of the money, instead we must appreciate their real action to express their concern," said Kinanti.

Thank you for your support, Global Jaya School!  

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