EPIC!: PROFAUNA Indonesia’s 20th Anniversary

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Hundreds activists of Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia gathered at PROFAUNA's 20th anniversary on 27-28 December 2014 at Petungsewu Adventure, Malang, East Java. They came all the way from all over the country just to attend the festivity. Among the cities of their origins are Jakarta, Bandung, Cianjur, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Malang, Solo, Medan, Pulau Sembilan, Berau (East Borneo), Madura, and Lampung.

 During the celebration, PROFAUNA's activists were so engaged in the series of activities including a talk show with PROFAUNA's founder Rosek Nursahid, teamwork building games, sharing with other activists, and other entertaining agenda. "This fete is not just another fun event, but it's more for strengthening our bonds and brotherhood, so that we could be more motivated in protectingf Indonesia's wildlife and forest," said Yuniar Laksitasari, PROFAUNA's Supporter Officer.

The celebration of PROFAUNA's 20th year of work also became an arena to exchange information and knowledge with each other, between seniors and juniors. Some of PROFAUNA's activists from the 90s era mingled with the youngsters. "PROFAUNA's consistency and dedication get me to support their excellent works until today," said Irma, PROFAUNA's activist from Jakarta who has been a suppporter since 1998. 

On the occasion, PROFAUNA also launched a new documentary entitled "FIGHT". The 30-minutes film tells about PROFAUNA's journey, especially the remarkable campaigns to protect Indonesia's wildlife and forest. The film has enlightened PROFAUNA's young activists on how PROFAUNA fight bravely with original ideas.

To jazz up the party, the activists got engaged in lots of entertainment like music performance, fashion show, and traditional art performances. A techno band from Bandung, BOTTLE SMOKER, made a fantastic finale of the celebration. "I'm so glad to be here, meet other activists from different cities, and shape up my understanding about wildlife and forest protection," claimed Anela, a young activist from Rembang, Central Java.


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