Education Aboard Ferry about Parrot Conservation

PROFAUNA takes all possible measures to raise public awareness about parrot conservation in North Maluku, including having an education session with the crew of KMP Bobara ferry on Thursday (4/10). The crew watched "Burung Kita" documentary aboard KMP Bobara that docked in Ternate.

The 13-minutes documentary shows a number of public figures, each with their own message calling the people to protect the parrots of North Maluku, especially the endemic White Cockatoo (Cacatua alba) and Chattering Lory (Lorius garrulous).

Education program like is one is very much needed because there are still many of our passengers who are unaware of this issue, and carry parrots into the ferry," said Nugroho, the human resource manager of PT. ASDP Indonesia Ferry Ternate Office, who attended the program.

The ferry crew was very enthusiastic during the film, because not only the public figures deliver conservation message but also there is a clear explanation on the law concerning this issue. Article 21 of law no.5 of 1990 stated that anyone who keep or trade parrots is liable to 5 years of prison and IDR 100 million fines.

During discussion, Nugroho suggested that PROFAUNA mention other protected wildlife species which are frequently traded, so that passengers could understand better.

Based on PROFAUNA's monitoring, sea route are often taken by traders to smuggle parrots. For instance in March 2017, South Halmahera Police Department thwarted a smuggling attempt of dozens of parrots from Barebo Hasrat Jaya boat in Babang village seaport. The parrots came from Gane, even some from Papua.

Ekawati Ka'aba, the coordinator of PROFAUNA North Maluku said that there will be following education session with other ferry crews, considering that the security at seaports are still lacking.

"We will have similar program in other ferries in North Maluku," added Eka. (AFZ)

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