Discussing Laws of Forest Conservation at Mt. Lemongan

The morning of 1 February 2015, around 50 youngsters gathered and discussed Indonesian laws concerning forest conservation, at the slope of Mt. Lemongan, Lumajang, East Java. The discussion  was hosted by Laskar Hijau, and lead by PROFAUNA's  founder Rosek Nursahid.

Rosek emphasized that forest conservation requires public participation, so that the general public must recognize well their legal rights. "Public participation in protecting the forest is guaranteed by Indonesian laws," said Rosek, who founded PROFAUNA in 1994.

The audience came from several youth communities in Lumajang, and also the members of Laskar Hijau (a group of local people who work to restore and protect the ecosystem of Mt. Lemongan). They hoped that such gathering could be held more often in Lumajang. Of course, PROFAUNA welcomed this proposal and would be glad to facilitate it!

The visit by Rosek and some other activists of PROFAUNA was a part of PROFAUNA's committment to support the works of Laskar Hijau in the conservation of Mt. Lemongan. "PROFAUNA always supports local communities who make independent and proactive efforts to protect Indonesian forest and wildlife, like what Laskar Hijau does. We are happy to be their partner," concluded Rosek.


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