Dehydrated and Famished Cattle in Munjung village, Ngantang district

The eruption of Mt. Kelud in East Java has put local people's cattle in great danger. One example is Munjung village, Ngantang district, Malang regency, which had been left empty by its entire people whose houses are severely damaged by the volcanic materials. Unprepared and panicked, most of the villagers flee the village and abandoned their cattle in the heavily broken sheds. ProFauna's animal rescue team came to the village on 15 February 2014 and reported that there were lots of dehydrated and famished cows, two already died, because they have been left by their owners for days.

Seeing such deplorable condition, ProFauna's team took immediate actions by giving the cattle food and drink although they could not help all of the cattle. After thatm the team coordinated with the Livestock Services and KUD Ngantang Cooperative to decide what should be done to save the cattle. The Livestock Services declared that they would have the medicines and food ready, but they need ProFauna's volunteers on the distribution.


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