‘Civet Lover’Busted for Selling Protected Wildlife

Illigal wildlife dealer, Ahmda Nurholis (20), who was arrested by the nature Conservation Agency of Malang, East Java, for selling a Crested Serpent Eagle a few days turned out to be a member of 'Civet Lovers' club.

The confession came up from Nurholis himself during the questioning session by the officials on 2 June 2016. "This is my first time selling eagles, I used to selling civets because I'm in a club," admitted Nurholis, who is a student at a private university in Malang.

"Most time I got the civets from Probolinggo, somebody would deliver the civets to my place," added him.

Previously, Ahmad Nurholis put two eagles on sale in his Facebook account, 'Holis Rase', on 31 May 2016. However, his illicit practice got stalled by the authority, led by Kuat Gunawan.

Clubs of wild animal collectors has been a major trigger for the flourishing wildlife trade. "These 'civet lovers' club and the kinds has been aggravating the wildlife trade problems because the members are prone to trade and exchange their collections," explained Dwi Derma, PROFAUNA Indonesia's campaign officer.

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