Artists of Bandung Performs for Forest and Wildlife Conservation

PROFAUNA Indonesia appreciates and supports a threatrical performance staged by Wanggi and other artists from Bandung, West Java las Sunday (29/3). Entitled "Perayaan Tubuh" ("Celebration of the Body"), the performance was staged at Dago Car Free Day. The performance was also held to celebrate the Forest Day.

 "PROFAUNA West Java appreciates and supports all kinds of actions that the public shows, which could contribute to the conservation of forest and wildlife," said Dr. Herlina Agustin, one of PROFAUNA's advisory board member.

In the performance, one of the artists acted as an animal restrained by forest destruction. Wanggi Hoediyatno Boediardjo, a pantomime artist from Bandung which has always been involved in PROFAUNA's education in Bandung, then got hugs from PROFAUNA's activists as an expression of trust and appreciation for Wanggi and his friends' concern.

In the flyers distributed at the end of the performance, Wanggi and his friends explained that the act is a manifesto of their hope, spirit, and dream that they want to share with everybody. The 80-minutes performance actually covers 10 celebration: Woman's Day, Water Day, Forest Day, Pantomime Day, Theater Day, Happiness Day, Music Day, Film Day, Down Syndrome Day, and Bandung Sea of Fire Day.

 "We hope that this Celebration of the Body performance could become a means to gett across our message about peace, freedom of expression, nature conservation, anti-violence, discrimination, and other things we need to create a better world," declared Wanggi.

This act also grabbed the attention of everybody who was in the car free day. Many of them watch it from the beginning to the end. Two thumbs up, Wanggi!


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