Again: Protected Wildlife Species Smuggling in South Halmahera

South Halmahera Police, North Maluku, thwarted a smuggling attempt of 47 birds of varied species.

The Chief of South Halmahera Police, AKBP Zaenudin Agus Binarto, stated that 39 bird were seized from Hasrat Jaya Berebo vessel immediately after it was docked at Pelabuhan Baru, Babang village, South Halmahera. The birds seized consisted of 28 lorikeets and 11 Eclectus parrots.

"The birds belonged to the vessel's crew," added Zaenudin, on Saturday (11/3/2017).

The evidence and vessel crews, along with the captain, has been taken into police custody for further investigation.

In a different location, South Halmahera Police also confiscated 18 protected bird species brought from Papua. The birds were going to be transported to Central Sulawesi.

The smuggling attempt was forestalled by Gane Barat Police, South Halmahera, from a tugboat TB MRP 15 right after it harbored at Saketa seaport.

The birds seized including 11 Black-capped Lory, two White Cockatoos, two Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, and 3 Chattering Lories.

All confiscated birds will be handed over to the South Halmahera Nature Conservation Agency.



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