After Forestry Police Shot Illegal Loggers, Logging in Merubetiri National Park Worsens

The shooting of an alleged illegal logger in the Merubetiri National Park (TNMB, local abbreviation), did not stop the logging in this nature conservation area. In fact, the illegal loggers seem to revenge by chopping down trees in the TNMB, especially in Bandealit area, Jember Regency.

The information collected by PROFAUNA Indonesia between 13th and 16th October 2019, the illegal logging was even more rampant and blatant. Every night there are about 3 trucks that transport the illegal logs.

The loggers were not afraid of the punishment of the law they are breaking. They seemed to , challenge the officers. One of the possible reasons was that they took revenge for the death of their fellow logger who was shot by the Forestry Police.

Check the shooting cases of the logger at this link: Illegal Logger Shot to Death

The logging was increasingly out of control because the TNMB field office in Bandeait was temporarily closed. This closure is due to the security considerations after the shooting case.

The Head of TNMB Office, Maman Surahman, to the Chairperson of PROFAUNA Indonesia said, "The withdrawal of this field officers was to reduce the emotions of the masses and to calm down the situation first".

"Whatever the reason, the massive logging in Merubetiri must be stopped. Law enforcement authorities must thoroughly investigate who the mafia and collectors in black market of the illegal logging are, "said Rosek Nursahid, activist of PROFAUNA Indonesia.

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