7 Youngsters Got Prepared to be Profauna’s Ranger Batch 2

Seven youngsters received an intensive training, as a prerequisite to become members of Profauna's Ranger batch 2. The training was held in Mt. Malang, Malang regency, on 28 June 2014, and was aimed to improve the physical and mental endurance of the voluntary rangers to ensure their performance in protecting nature conservation areas.

All the participants were activists of our NGO, Protection of Forest and Fauna (PROFAUNA), who came from different places like Malang, Sidoarjo, Sumbawa, Madiun, and Bogor. After the training, they would still be required to attend more trainings to sharpen their ability as a ranger. Among the topic to be given on the next meetings are self-defence, navigation, laws concerning nature conservation, identification of plants and wildlife, etc.

Profauna's Ranger is a group of volunteers who wants to take an active role in protecting nature conservation areas from illegal poaching and other crimes. Profauna's Ranger also collaborates with the police in tackling wildlife crime cases, as well as supporting groups of local people's who wants to protect the nature around their neighborhoods. Outside of East Java, currently Profauna also works together with rangers in Bali and East Borneo. 

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