Beware Before Buying

Souvenirs (fan, bracelet, necklace,etc) made from hawksbill turtle

As a country with its cultural diversities, Indonesia is also rich of unique and beautiful traditional merchandises. As a responsible tourist, you should be careful and pay attention on the souvenirs before buying them. Otherwise, the commodities may contain protected or endangered animal parts. The curios containing animal parts can be found in art shops, antique shops, shopping centers, and street vendors.

What parts of endangered animals are commonly sold as merchandises or souvenirs?

Hawksbill Turtle Shell

The shell of hawksbill turtle are used to make bracelet, necklace, fan, etc. Sometimes, the shells are mixed with other substances, like silver, to make jewelry products. These souvenirs are sold most in tourism places in Bali and Yogyakarta, and some are sold in Jakarta.

Elephant Ivory Tusks

The tusk is usually sold a whole or part (as cigarette pipes) in Bali, Jakarta and some other big cities in Sumatera.

Tiger Skin and Fang

The tiger skin is sold in small pieces while the fang is sold as a whole. The tiger parts can be found in street vendors in some big cities in Sumatera, Jakarta and Bali.

Orangutan Skull

Orangutan skull displayed in a souvenir shop in BaliThis skull can be found in art or antique shops. ProFauna records show that the skulls were found illegally traded in Bali couple times.

Sea Turtle Eggs

The eggs are sold in the coastline cities in Sumatera, East Java, and Kalimantan.

Stuffed Animals

Some endangered animals like sea turtle juveniles, leopard cats, primates, big cats, pangolins, birds of paradise, and many more are sold as taxidermy products/ mounted/ stuffed animals.

Buying endangered animal parts violates the law

According to the 1990 Indonesian wildlife act number 5 concerning the Natural Resources and Ecosystem Conservation, selling, buying, possessing, keeping endangered animal parts or merchandises is forbidden. Offenders are liable to five year prison term or 100 million IDR (about 10,000 USD) fine.

Say No! If you are offered to buy the merchandise containing endangered animal parts. By not buying these illegal products, you help save the endangered animals in Indonesia. Buying merchandise containing endangered animals is a crime which leads you to jail. Indonesia still has many beautiful and unique types of merchandise without containing the endangered animal parts. Beware before buying!

If you are no sure whether the merchandises containing endangered animals or not, please contact ProFauna:

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