Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) in East Java

PROFAUNA Indonesia offers a wonderful opportunity for anyone to volunteer at Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) in Malang, East Java.

Our center is located by the foot of Kawi Mountains, surrounded by plantations and villages, 10 kilometers from the city. It has guesthouses, outbound activity facilities, organic farm, and a cafe, where we put many information boards about wildlife and forest conservation for visitors to see.  People from all over the country come to our place to learn about the environment and nature conservation.


  • At least 18 years old
  • Speaks English
  • Complete the registration form and agree to the Terms & Conditions
  • Stay for a minimum 2 weeks  (2 days off per 2 weeks)
  • Pay the volunteering fee (4,500,000 IDR/2 weeks), no later than 2 weeks before the program starts
  • Holds a valid visa (any kind of visa)


We are open for volunteers all year long!

What are the facilities?

  • Lodging
  • 3 meals/day (Indonesian food)
  • 1 PROFAUNA t-shirt

Volunteer Activities:

  • Create education materials: posters, games, leaflets, puzzles, etc
  • Visit local schools and communities to promote wildlife and forest conservation
  • Assist our staffs during education, outbound, and adventure programs
  • Maintain our organic farm
  • Teach English (or any other skill) to our staffs and workers
  • Engage in local traditional activities (conditional)

Interested in volunteering with PROFAUNA? Contact us at:, please Copy Carbon (CC) and

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