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Life is a struggle and full of choices. It is time for you to care about Indonesian forest and wildlife conservation. As human, we have the privilege of choices and to make decisions in our lives, while wild animals have only very limited choices that they can make. Their livess are severely threatened by the disappearing natural habitats, poaching, and trade.

Unfortunately, forest and wildlife cannot speak like we do. They cannot protest on their fate, of their being threatened and exploited by some unresponsible people. There is no way they will survive unless we help them!

Forest and wildlife cannot speak, but we can speak and act for them. It is time for you to express your concern for Indonesian forest and wildlife by joining PROFAUNA's supporters!

If you want to apply to become PROFAUNA's supporter, please send an email to: profauna@profauna.net to get the form

5 Reasons Why You Should Support Protection of Forest and Fauna (PROFAUNA):

PROFAUNA has been working for the protection of Indonesian forest and wildlife since 1994

PROFAUNA is a  reputable organization. Hundred thousands of PROFAUNA's supporters are all over the country and even in other countries. They are very diversed in background: celebrities, businessmen, NGO personages, religious leaders, student, etc. This proves that PROFAUNA is trusted by all walks of life

PROFAUNA is involved in international networks

PROFAUNA take direct actions and do real works to protect forest and wildlife from exploitation, more than just talks.

PROFAUNA is a small organization, but it work efficiently and actively. Only a few people work as PROFAUNA's staffs, but we manage to do great works for wildlife and their habitats because of our efficient working scheme and our highly dedicated and caring staffs. Support from PROFAUNA's supporters who voluntarily provide any help that they can afford also plays a significant role in PROFAUNA's achievements.

For more information about PROFAUNA's supporters, please contact profauna@profauna.net or international@profauna.net

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