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Supporters of PROFAUNA have become a platform for those who want to be actively involved in PROFAUNA Indonesia's activities. Supporters of PROFAUNA are individual and voluntary. This is a place for people who care and want to act for the protection of Indonesia's forests and wildlife.

Registration for PROFAUNA Supporters is held every 2 years. Those who register must attend the PROFAUNA Camp which is held for 5 days at the Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC), Malang Regency, East Java. If you pass the PROFAUNA Camp, then will officially become a PROFAUNA Supporter.

PROFAUNA Camp is usually held between May and August every 2 years. The exact dates of the PROFAUNA Camp will be announced on PROFAUNA's website and social media accounts.

Supporters of PROFAUNA are only meant for those who care and want to actively help PROFAUNA Indonesia. If you want to help PROFAUNA, but cannot be physically active, please become a PROFAUNA donor. Information about PROFAUNA's donors, please check the following link: PROFAUNA's donors

Profauna's campaign

Wild animals and forests cannot speak for themselves, but we can speak and act for them. It's time for you to help Indonesia's forests and wildlife by becoming a PROFAUNA Supporter!

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