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Sea Turtle Observation Guidelines

Observing sea turtle mother on eggs-laying process is a very rare and priceless experience. However, doing it without any knowledge and guidelines could cause harms to the sea turtle

Tens Activists Call for a Halt of Sea Turtle Exploitation in Bali

Tens activists, organized by ProFauna Indonesia held a demonstration in Jembrana, Bali, in protest of the rampant sea turtle exploitation on the island, last Sunday 

Stop Sea Turtle Eggs Trades in East Borneo!

ProFauna Indonesia's activists  conducted a demonstration in Samarinda, East Borneo, in protests of the unchecked sea turtle eggs trades in the province

ProFauna and Turtle Foundation Call a Halt to Sea Turtle Trade in Indonesia

The prodigious number and increasing trend of the trade of sea turtle and its eggs have urged ProFauna and Turtle Foundation to conduct campaigns to demand for a halt to sea turtle exploitation in Hotel Indonesia Roundabout, Jakarta, on Sunday

Press Release: Airkuning Beach Releases Tens of Sea Turtle Hatchlings as a Community Engagement

More than 80 hatchlings of Olive Ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) have hatched at the sea turtle conservation program at Air Kuning, Jembrana Regency, Bali.

ProFauna Supports Sea Turtle Conservation Program at Airkuning, Jembrana, Bali

After previously supporting sea turtle conservation program at Kuta and Perancak beaches, Bali, now ProFauna also supports the people of Airkuning, Jembrana regency, Bali


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